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The first algorithmically generated art living on Cardano.

Mathematically derived and designed, generated using computers and advanced algorithms.

Algorithmic Generation

Every NFT in the collection was generated using advanced programming algorithms in Python.


Each NFT holds the code that is used to produce the associated art piece. Execute the code locally or in an online IDE, never worry about external storage solutions going offline.


The whole collection includes 31,119 pieces. Each piece is unique in its visual appearance.

How are the NFTs generated?

We start with some Python

Define some basic properties, color [red, green, blue], intensity distribution [normal, cumulative] and rotation [0, 90, 180, 270].

Add some spice

To generate complex colors and geometries, we add in half-color shifts, and multiple stacked layers for each property.

And lastly press compile

In a few kilobytes of code, you can generate a 4k or 8k image (or any resolution you desire). Your NFT will always be looking sharp regardless of the advances in tech.


Hot out off the processor. What could be better than 1 of these? Arranging multiple of them together to form larger compositions.

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From over 50 million possible combinations of our parameters, we’ve curated the best 31,119: 0.06% of the possible set.

First of its kind

These are the first algorithmically created NFTs, minted and preserved entirely on Cardano.

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